life drawing untitled 3
life drawing untitled

life drawing untitled 3


A print of life drawing untitled and other figure study combined in mixed media on wood.

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This is a mixed media narrative artwork. Based on my development of a collection of expressive figure studies, exploring concepts of the human condition, emotional extremes, destruction and chaos. On the left the female figure is the antagonist and the male figure is the victim while on the right the roles are switched around. The movement around the centre is an expression of inner turmoil representing mental states of heightened negative emotions in both the dominant, abusive, aggressive figure and the isolated, anxious, frightened figure.

combines a print of life drawing untitled and another figure study using bees wax, acrylic, sand, dirt, gravel and glue on wood. this piece is uncovered, fragile, quite heavy, and fitted with two vertical clips on the back for hanging. 

artwork 60 x70 x1.2  cm